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Banoffee Pies are a Bristol based DJ duo who are becoming increasingly known for their vinyl heavy, eclectic approach to dance music in all its various forms.


They have been known to build a real connection with the crowd bringing lots of energy behind the decks as well as a tight selection of different styles. The duo display an inimitable flexibility to adapt to the mood of any audience, switching between sounds and genres to explore their dance floor passions.


When they’re not at the wheels of steel, Ell and Sandy are pushing the label Banoffee Pies Records alongside a number of other musical projects. Their ethos for the label and as DJ’s has always been not to tether themselves to one sound, which is very clear from their label’s output of 12” compilations which span across a number of series and sounds from a wide variety of international producers and musicians.


Banoffee Pies’ influences and performances are just as diverse as their product, having a deep appreciation for abounding styles from many eras of music. They are rooted in a family-orientated and carefree mentality holding all label associates as good friends and part of the crew. BP play whatever, wherever for the dance floor people.

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  • Releases:
  • 2017 - BPLS004: VA w/ Watson, DJ OK & Rasputin, NY*AK & Ian Blevins, Hysteric
  • 2017 - Songs For Knotty - Ishmael Ensemble
  • 2016 - BP005: VA w/ Liam & Eddie Ness / AC$
  • 2016 - BP004: VA w/ Beaner / Philou Louzolo / Ron Wilson / Môme
  • 2016 - BP003: VA w/ Adam Strömstedt & Art Alfie / Jaffa Surfa / Hansel!
  • 2016 - BPRSD01: 10" VA w/ AZ / Walter Ego / Philou Louzolo
  • 2016 - BPBL01.2: w/ Hansel! / Unknown Artist / KOKO & Niccolo Borgi / Adam Strömstedt
  • 2016 - BPBL01.1: w/ Christian Jay / Larry De Kat / Florist / Crump
  • 2016 - BPLS003: w/ Tell / Malcolm / Sofa Talk / Golesworthy / Ishmael
  • 2016 - BPLS002: Admin / Embezzlement Society / FYI Chris / Cuisine Dub / Contours & Yadava / Doug Francisco
  • 2015 - BPLS001: VA w/ Christian Jay, NY*AK, Contact Ronnie, Embezzlement Society, Admin
  • 2015 - BPLP001: Mark Nicholas - "Sacred Space"
  • 2015 - BPWS001: VA w/ Philou Louzolo, Wendel Sield, Mehmet Aslam (MMT)
  • 2014 - BP002: VA w/ Alan Delius, Adam Stromstedt
  • 2014 - BP001: VA w/ Ruf Dug, Mr. Mendel, Philou Louzolo, Martin Hayes