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DJ Slyngshot


As a blueprint it could go either way but he has pulled it off with style so far, crafting a hybrid of hip-hop and lo-fi house that sounds genuinely fresh. Slyngshot chops up jazzy melodies hip-hop style, setting them over blown-out house rhythms and seasoning with a healthy dose of turntablist effects. The sound he pushes is a set of familiar influences arranged in an unusual way.


So far the German producer has built his name the old-fashioned way, issuing quality tapes and records from his pointedly garish website until people began to sit up and take notice.


Yappin Records boss DJ Slyngshot may be successfully keeping his identity a secret, but he can’t stop his reputation from growing.

  • 12th July 2017 Read this

    Dj Slyngshot’s ‘Lonely Is The Night’ on Lehult
  • 22nd June 2017 Read this

    Premiere: DJ Slyngshot – Hygh Tech
  • 12th May 2017 Read this

    LOVE BASED MUSIC x TIEF @ Corsica Studios // Damiano Von Erckert
  • 3rd November 2016 Read this

    DJ Slyngshot – ‘Love Unlimited’ EP
  • 25th October 2016 Read this

    Floating Points plays DJ Slyngshot’s ‘They Still Can’t Grasp It’
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  • Releases:
  • 2017 - VA - Dance 2017 Pt.2 - [Secretsundaze]
  • 2016 - DJ Slyngshot - Love Unlimited - [Yappin]
  • 2016 - DJ Slyngshot - Ain't Got No Time - [Place No Blame]
  • 2015 - DJ Slyngshot - Battlecat - [Yappin]
  • 2015 - DJ Slyngshot - Cycles - [Yappin]
  • 2014 - DJ Slyngshot - Sumn From My Heart - [Yappin]
  • 2014 - DJ Slyngshot - The Grand Piano - [Yappin]