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Huntleys & Palmers

Hi & Saberhägen was formed in Glasgow by two acquaintances eager to work outside their comfort zones. 

The pair’s different musical backgrounds seemed to blend effortlessly from their first session together; a living room sprawled in samplers, keys and sequencers. That first session birthed the music that would score a release on Glasgow label Huntleys + Palmers, featuring two tracks which would make it on to Joy O’s Beats in Space Mix (“Lonely Friends”, “Peanut Butter”; the A-side to their self-titled 12-inch). 

The chemistry was uncanny and without too much thought the acquaintances, now friends, decided getting a place together—where they could set up a home studio—was the only thing for it. Over summer and a long winter many hours were spent in a shoebox-sized room, recording, smoking and tinkering away on what would become their next records: Qyzyland EP on Anthony Naples’ astute label, Proibito; and Kel EP on Yumé, a selective imprint based in London.

The sounds on both records varied across genres as Hi & Saberhägen started to come into their own as producers, which was clearly evident in the mixes the tracks featured. A wide range of DJs from Pete Tong to Objekt, Erol Alkan to Matt Karmil connected with the music and weaved them into sets. 

Setting up DJ residencies in Edinburgh’s lauded Sneaky Pete’s, the duo moved East, taking their equipment and instruments with them, and have been busy making three follow-up EPs to last year’s records since—the dance floor and a penchant for the weird and quirky firmly in mind. 

Expect more journeys into the unknown for this creative duo.


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  • Releases:
  • 2017 - Untitled - EP - [Belters]
  • 2016 - KEL ‎- EP - [Yumé]
  • 2016 - Qyzyland - EP - [Proibito]
  • 2016 - Spreepark - Compilation - [Permanent Vacation]
  • 2016 - Raymond - Compilation - [Lionoil]
  • 2016 - Heavenly Lit - Compilation - [Huntley & Palmers]
  • 2015 - Hi & Saberhägen - EP - [Huntley & Palmers]