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Mount Liberation Unlimited

Beats In Space, Superconscious Records, Studio Barnhus

Mount Liberation Unlimited is the brainchild and creative magnum opus de funk of Stockholm native musicos Tom Lagerman and Niklas Janzon. A life long friendship grounded and circled around musical exploration, the two have since their first release in 2014 found comfort in their own certified organic take on dance music. As the music schools of their youth grew old and the norms, rules, conventions, teenage bands and tight denim wear that came with it grew even older, MLU decided to set out on a journey destined far away from suburban life’s predicted patterns. With the right side of their brains focused on making music that made their feet wiggle, the left side was set to explore the landscape between human groove and electronic synchronization. In 2014, as their first EP “Astro Travelling Through Life” came out on Junkyard Connections, their winning recipe for creating belly-tingling-feet-wiggling music was a fact. The lead single “Clinton Space Funk” (and it’s psychedelic video) was crowned an instant cult-classic, and the Swedes reputation grew in the same unashamed pace as the records Discogs-price did. MLU since followed up with successful releases on Superconscious Records and Tim Sweeneys Beats In Space before finally landing on fellow Stockholm dance music-institution Studio Barnhus. “Double Dance Lover” became an immediate sought-after anthem in the Barnhus-trios DJ-sets and was finally officially released just as 2016 turned to 2017. If “Clinton Space Funk” took MLU up to the underground, “Double Dance Lover” made them surface further, showing the world that their music could communicate with a much wider audience.


A more direct form of communication started to develop as MLU during 2015 began to perform live. Playing live shows, the most important aspect for MLU is just that; being live. Perhaps resembling more of a band at moments, MLU wants to bridge the gap between club music and physical instruments, letting kick drums, electric guitars, synthesizers and vocals all be playmates on stage. Panorama Bar/Berghain, Sonár, Dimensions Festival and Meredith Music Festival in Australia reads a few gigs that stand out, together with a big heap of club shows round the world that all had their share of the funk. As per recently MLU has also turned to do more and more DJ slots, where their bi-monthly residency for Gilles Petersons radio station Worldwide FM has been a big influence in their playing style. Together with their monthly residency at Stockholms Under Bron/Trädgården, where they are most often found playing all-night 7hr sets.


The near future sees MLU hiding in the studio to record their debut album (planned 2018), while preparing another 12” for late 2017 and embarking on a grand tour, starting in Australia and wrapping up in Europe together with the album release. C’est la MLU!

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  • 2016 - Mount Liberation Unlimited - Double Dance Lover [Studio Barnhaus]
  • 2016 - Mount Liberation Unlimited - (Eerie) For Your Love [Beats In Space]
  • 2015 - Jon Sable - Colours (Mount Liberation Unlimited Remix) [Tief Music]
  • 2015 - Mount Liberation Unlimited - Trail to life goes up [Superconscious Records]
  • 2015 - Mount Liberation Unlimited - Gånglek från Nybohovsbacken [W&LL]
  • 2014 - Mount Liberation Unlimited - Astro Travelling Through Life [Junk Yard Connections]