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Pablo Valentino

Faces Records, MCDE Recordings

Pablo Valentino is a talented French DJ from East France and has been DJing since 1997. A well travelled and very knowledgeable music collector, Pablo loves to play across the board be it Jazz / Funk, Boogie / Disco, House / Broken Beat to Hip Hop. If it has soul, there are no boundaries. Pablo creates unique musical patterns as he explores music with feeling and soul in the past, present and future.


Pablo is the founder of FACES Records – featuring releases from Simbad and Danilo Plessow’s Motor City Drum Ensemble/Inverse Cinematics aliases – and releasing 12”s under his Creative Swing Alliance, Kid Swing and Hipster Wonkaz pseudonyms.


Not content with that, Pablo also co-runs the already iconic and buy-on-sight MCDE imprint with Danilo and is an influential component in the label gaining cult status with its ‘Raw Cuts’ series – ubiquitous in many DJ’s sets, regardless of genre.


Both labels release ‘quality’ and not ‘quantity’ from such artists as Motor City Drum Ensemble, L’ Aroye, The Revenge, Simbad, Mono/Poly, RedNose Distrikt, Kira Neris, grooveman Spot and his own Creative Swing Alliance Project.

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  • More News
  • Upcoming:
  • 2015 - Pablo Valentino - Hum Hum [FACES Records]
  • 2015 - Pablo Valentino - My Son's Smile EP [MCDE]
  • Releases as Pablo Valentino:
  • 2013 - Pablo Valentino - One [Room With A View]
  • 2013 - Pablo Valentino - Friends Say So EP [FACES Records ]
  • 2012 - Pablo Valentino - Give It To Me [Endless Flight]
  • Remixes:
  • 2015 - Rick Wade - The Fields (Creative Swing Alliance & Pablo Valentino Remixes) - [Unknown Season Japan]
  • 2015 - Olmos - Late Night Stepper (Pablo Valentino Remix) - [Hot Shot Sounds Australia]
  • 2015 - DJ CAM feat. Anggun - Summer in Paris (Pablo Valentino Remix) - [Inflamable Sony Music]
  • Releases as Creative Swing Alliance:
  • 2014 - Creative Swing Alliance - In My Arms [Wolf Music]
  • 2014 - Creative Swing Alliance - Weekend [Faces Records]
  • 2012 - Creative Swing Alliance - Mother Water [Tsuba]
  • 2011 - Creative Swing Alliance - CSA EP[City Fly Records]
  • 2010 - Creative Swing Alliance - Strasbourg EP [Bonzzaj Recordings]
  • Releases as Hipster Wonkaz:
  • 2005 - Hipster Wonkaz- Hot Face/We Love [Flyin High]