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WOLF Music Recordings began life in 2009 and was the brainchild of Matt Neale & Stu Clark; two house & disco fanatics who wanted an outlet for their creative endeavours. WOLF has always been about the real HOUSE culture; the music and expressions from day dot to the most modern interpretations. Bringing us artists such as Medlar, Frits Wentink, Ishmael, Greymatter, KRL, Bicep, Session Victim, Francis Inferno Orchestra & Fantastic Man.


Matt Neale and Stu Clarks knowledge and record collection is rivalled by few and their music taste continues to see them booked across Europe.


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    WOLF Music are Joined at Brilliant Corners by Medlar & Greymatter
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    WOLF Music Mix at Brilliant Corners 20.04.17
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    Chameleon Club: Wolf Music B2B B.Traits
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