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Banoffee Pies in 1883 Magazine’s best sets of Gottwood 2017

11th July 2017

Banoffee Pies

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Banoffee Pies

By the final day, we had been reduced to functioning entirely on emotional impulse and a bout of sunshine led us to soaking rays with a cold one in the mystical walled garden. We had previously heard good things about the Bristolian crew Banoffee Pies, who were currently playing to a handful of daytime dancers, blending unusual cuts of tropical and far eastern sounds, including some top notch Bhangra vibes. Then, suddenly, the heavens opened and the crowd went from 15 to 500 as people took shelter in the covered marquee. The duo seized the opportunity, zig zagging between deep UK Garage, house and disco bangers. Soon the crowd was going nuts as the less informed tapped shoulders to ask “Who are these guys?!”


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