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Boiler Room Debut: K-HAND “Sound 6″

14th November 2015

трип are on an outrageous run lately. I Wanna Go Bang is the ubiquitous slammer we all know, Bjarki himself one of the tight coterie of hitherto-unheralded acts Nina has helped put on an international stage; gathered up on the label’s 2xEP compilations. As well as the youngbloods, some more well-worn faces beloved by the boss have snuck their way onto the comps: and so it proves on TRP005, which sees the second cut from Detroit veteran Kelli Hand in as many releases.


K-HAND’s “Sound 6″ is, in short, an acid ripper. Resolutely mean and linear, the corrosive 303 pelts forward over a snapping beat with little pause from start to end. It harks back to the height of vintage Djax, another 90s Detroit stalwart; like we say, it rips.


Catch K-HAND’s first ever Boiler Room in her native Detroit tonight (15th Nov) here.


Source: Boiler Room