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Emotional Content: Crate Digging With Frits Wentink

9th February 2017



House, techno, jazzy-playful, down-ribbed-functional: As a producer, Frits Wentink is hard to reach. The Dutchman will play on Friday, February 10th, with Dynamo Dreesen and Kombé in the Basel Club Elysia. He will reveal what classics he will be doing there, in this short interview.


Which classic never leaves your pocket?


Frits: This is “Your Ego” by DJ Rush. I’ve found that I am pretty much collecting all the records that DJ Rush has ever produced. I’ve had so many of it, especially the 145-Bpm boards. “Your Ego” is one of the few numbers that is slightly slower. The soul of this record is incomparable.



What plate did you buy last?


Frits: Yaleesa Hall x Malin – Remix EP. This has appeared on my own label “Will & Ink” to be honest. So I’m cheating a bit. But on this record is a pretty down-ripped mix, which I like very much. This is the kind of hi-tech radio that I can not really describe.



When did your Collectibles begin?


Frits: I buy records for about fourteen years, with some interruptions. I still have all my records and have not sold one.


What drives you to this today?


Frits: When I started to buy records, it was really something special for me. In the city where I grew up, there was only one record store selling the music I wanted to hear. At that time, there were not all the webshops that could be accessed today. The whole process, going out, going to a record store and buying records there, has not left its charm to me today – even though I have become somewhat more experienced, more sophisticated over the years.


What was your worst moment when buying a record?


Frits: I buy a lot of used plates. Sometimes a plate in the fingers, which friends of mine repelled me, comes to me. These plates still have their remarks.


THE PERSON: Frits Wentink


Frits Wentink, born in 1988 in the Netherlands, serves the entire range of house music – under his clown name or a barely manageable number of pseudonyms. Steve Mesink, Felix Lenferink, Frederik Eisink, Urkelle, for example. Or Will & Ink, as well as his own record label, with Bobby Donny his second label.His debut album “Rarely Pure, Never Simple” was released in 2015 on Wolf Music.


Facebook: Frits Wentink
Soundcloud : Frits Wentink
Soundcloud: Will & Ink


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