TSA Artists


14th January 2015

In his latest release for Aus Music, Berlin based producer Youandewan offers a full complement of house flavours. Jackin house, lounge, and acid house all find an appropriate place on this diverse, well executed record. “Fool Be Cool” is a track that sits confidently on a bubbly acid bassline. As it ensues, smooth pads and crooning vocals highlight something in the song’s initial riff that wasn’t immediately apparent. This approach is something acid seems to do consistently; always playing with our expectations.

But Youandewan isn’t lost in that concept―“Fool be Cool” is down to earth and grounded. There is something eerily familiar and all too approachable about this pairing of acid and R&B sounds. That approachability is a key feature to the entire EP, where the genre fusion suits both twilight hours and headphone vibes.

You can catch the Spiral Arms EP, which includes a stunning remix of “Fool be Cool” from Marquis Hawkes, on January 26 on Aus Music.

Original Source: THUMP