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Not So Much, Livity Sound

We’ve all read enough artist biographies by now. This is just a little intro to the music I make, the trax I run, and a bit about me.


Long story short, I mostly make and play underground house and techno. I came up on the standard diet of hiphop, jungle, rock and indie, as well as lots of dub reggae, dancehall and world music, so I’ve got as many influences as anyone else I guess. But it took me a while to figure out what it was about music I love, and really it’s just a certain vibe… The shit that grabs me most has always been dark but still sexy, it’s deep and emotional but with energy, it’s dissonant and experimental and raw but still made for the club, and above all it’s got endless groove, it rolls… the direction is always >>>


So that’s what I aim for when I’m making tunes or digging for them. I’m a producer first – as in I started producing before I started to DJ – but to be honest I can’t really say one or the other is more important to me.


I love other people’s music too much to ever just play my own trax. But I also love producing, struggling to make that mythical perfect tune, you know? I know it’ll probably never happen but that’s some kinda guiding light for me. I know I don’t put out enough tunes, sorry about that… I’m working on it though. Even after all these years of producing I still feel like the new kid though, I’m still learning about music, and to be honest I hope that never changes.


One other thing to mention – I have a two hour show on NTS Radio where I get in the mix and also bring in some friends and heroes for guest mixes. This is probably the best way to understand what I’ve been talking about here…


But anyway I could bang on about music all day so best to stop here. Thanks for reading.

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